It’s Time to Get Fresh!

As my perfectly tinted plum lip balm with SPF 15 is running out, I am reminded it is time to go back to the store that was once a  great mystery.  I am sure you have seen them popping up all over Manhattan and the United States – Fresh.  A few years ago, I walked through the store and thought it was interesting, but I did not get it.  I walked out rather quickly.  Last year, however, I decided to give them a try because 1) they were the only option available to me during Spa Week, and 2) they have a brilliant business/marketing plan.  I am glad that I did, and so are some of my friends who now carry this same perfectly tinted plum lip balm with SPF 15.

Last October, Fresh promoted “spa month” rather than “spa week.”  If you don’t even know what I am talking about with regards to “spa week,” click here and check out this website.  And yes, this exists in every major city.  Since I was traveling during October’s official spa week, I could only sign up for options outside those dates – leading me to Fresh.  They had an interesting promotion:  $50 for a facial but that $50 can be redeemed for product.  OK.  Why not?

My facial transformed me from a customer who did not get what this expensive store called Fresh was all about and why I should spend money on their high-priced products to one who loves and uses their products.  Admittedly, I do consider it a treat to use their products so I purchase them sparingly, but I must admit they are fantastic!  I was reminded of this when I licked my lips last night after putting on a lotion with chemicals.  It would be nice to taste something other than bitter chemicals – and that’s what Fresh has to offer.  Products made from natural ingredients.

As for the lip balm I have mentioned, I like it for many reasons.  I do feel as though my lips are protected when I put it on and I do not get the dry feeling I used to get with Chapstick.  (This is a lot coming from the girl who used to be on the Chapstick marketing team.  Sorry, Chapstick.)  Additionally, the tint is a great color that makes my lips look natural and somewhat shiny while at the same time gives them just the right amount of color.  Lastly and most importantly, it has an SPF of 15.  You may recall all the news reports a few years back about lip gloss being linked to cancer.  This is more because most glosses come without SPF making them the equivalent of putting baby oil on your lips.  Now, Fresh gives us a better option, and yes, it is worth the price.

If you can’t participate in Spa Week for whatever reason, know that Fresh is smart enough to offer their “get a facial and redeem its cost with product” year round.  It does cost more, and the cost depends on the type of facial you want.

Whether you choose Fresh or another spa, know that Spring’s Spa Week is just around the corner.  In case you aren’t signed up for Spa Week’s updates, we have 38 more days until one of the best bi-annual events of the year – $50 spa treatments.  Sign-up for treatments at your favorite spas starts March 14 so mark your calendars!  Spa Week is April 11th -17th.


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