The Perfect Treat Yourself or Your Friends

Recently, a friend of mine encouraged me to blog about a gift I got for her as she she still raves about it one year later.  So what is it, you ask?  First, let me explain how I arrived at the idea.  I don’t want to give you the answer in the first paragraph!

Last year, two friends hosted my amazing bridal shower.  They did such a nice job – hand-making crafts, coming up with creative and not cheesy games, and making almost everything from scratch.  It was remarkable!  I could not just send any old “thank you” note and random gift; it had to be special and perfect for them.

Immediately, I thought of a cute store in the West Village of New York City called The Bathroom, which is an experience in itself.  It is a small, quaint boutique that makes me feel as though I am shopping in Paris.  I remembered it having the most luxurious lotions and potions and unique gifts, and upon arrival it did not disappoint!  I touched every jar and ran my hand across all the soaps smelling the scents of lavender and vanilla – at just the right intensity.  I giggled over the cute baby gifts and unique items for the home.  I wandered and wandered, and then I found it!

You see, my friend was pregnant, so I wanted to get something she could actually use and that would relax her as I can only imagine what it is like to be pregnant and about to bring a new life into this world.  That’s why I selected Olivina Napa Valley, which blends Napa Valley’s olive and grapeseed oils and extracts into a variety of bath and skin products, which come in “Olivina Olive Oil” and “Olivina Lavender” scents.  Both were fantastic, but I chose “Olivina Lavender.”

Once I heard my friend’s rave reviews, I have used this as my “go-to” gift for other women.  She said it was the only lotion she could use on her skin that was safe while she was pregnant while at the same time relieved the skin dryness she experienced.  Another person I got the gift for said she normally does not like scented products but this was so mild and soothing that she loved it!

I recommend that if you live in New York, go to The Bathroom on Charles Street.  If you don’t live in or near the city, click here to buy this brand of products on the web.  And be sure to visit the store the next time you are in the city!

NOTE:  This is not a paid endorsement.  If I love something, I like to tell the world!


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