Try Something New

This morning, I opened my Kripalu Spring 2011 Catalog and was struck by a quote from a women who recently went.  She said, “Kripalu lets me try new things – and if you try something new in one area of your life, you’re more open in other areas of your life, too.”  I LOVED this.  Have you noticed that if you travel to a different country, meet people who are unlike you, try a new hobby, or learn a language, you learn so much about yourself, the world, and others?  The possibilities are endless!

For those of you not familiar with Kripalu, it is a yoga retreat located in Lenox, MA near Tanglewoood, the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s home.  It is situated between a forest and a lake where one can hike and swim in the summer or snowshoe in the winter.  In the building, is a schedule filled with yoga and other activities of varying sorts.  During my first visit, nearly 10 years ago, I found it to be heaven.  I did not have a cell phone at the time, and there were no televisions.  Years later, when I did bring my cell phone, I found it difficult to find reception, which turned out to be great.  Imagine a whole weekend where no one can reach you!  If you want to stay up past “lights out,” there is a reading room upstairs that is decorated such that you are reading under the warmth and light of the sun.

I also like Kripalu because you can choose to be with others or alone.  They have programs you can sign up for that cover specific topics scheduled over the weekend – everything from art to health to relationships.  If you’d prefer, you can go under the “retreat and renewal” program where you choose your own schedule: read all day, hike, swim, go to yoga, dance, get a massage, or anything else you wish.  I know one friend who took her mother and another who took her daughter.  I’ve only gone alone and found it to be a great way to feel centered again.

Certainly, not all of us can get to Kripalu.  Luckily, in this day and age, there are so many places like this.  If you are interested in going to a yoga retreat, click here to locate one closer to you or one that meets your own needs.

Take a look at your calendar, and try to book yourself a weekend away.  Or sign up for a class.  Some schools that offer language, art, and other sorts of classes are only just starting their semesters.


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