What to do this Weekend – Rain or Shine

One of my favorite events of the year is coming up this weekend.  Perhaps it’s because it revolves around food and the outdoors, two of my favorite things!  It’s called Taste of Tribeca.  If you have never been, I highly recommend going, regardless of the weather.  Why?

For over 15 years, this outdoor culinary festival has allowed guests to taste food from some of the best restaurants in Tribeca while at same time raising money on behalf of PS 150 and PS 234.  Some of the restaurants include Scalini Fedeli, which usually serves porcini mushroom ravioli with a tasty cream sauce, Billy’s Bakery, which serves cupcakes and other sweets, and Salaam Bombay, which serves yummy Indian dishes.  For the full list of restaurants that will make an appearance this year, click here.

My husband and I have gone for three years, so we know a few tricks to get the most out of the food tasting.  Let me share.  First, you and your guest(s) should each purchase a ticket, which will allow you to taste food from six of the restaurants.  (Yes, you can enter Taste of Tribeca without a ticket, but you won’t be able to taste the food.)  Even though you get only a small sampling of food, six tastes per person is plenty.  We typically start at Scalini Fedeli because that ravioli is to die for!  Then, we walk around and see who seemingly has the best options.  We start tasting away, where at each stand, we only give one ticket so that we share the tasting. Once we’ve gone through our favorites, we usually have one or two tickets left, so we either go back to Scalini Fedeli for more ravioli or try something that was not necessarily at the top of our list.  At the end of the day, we have tried 10-12 different places.

If you are a fan of molten chocolate cake or Billy’s cupcakes, I recommend lining up early.  The first year Billy’s was at Taste of Tribeca, I go the last cupcake, but there was still another hour or so before the event ended.  Thus, don’t wait until the last minute to get your cupcake.  You can always walk around with it until you are ready to eat it.  As for the molten chocolate cake, the line gets long pretty quickly.  And the later it gets into the afternoon, the longer the line tends to get.

Interested in wine?  Taste of Tribeca has that, too!  You can take yourself on a self-guided tour of the wine shops surrounding the area.  For more details, click here.

Have children?  No problem!  Remember, this is an even that raises money for kids’ schools, so of course they will have events for kids!  If you want to bring your children, click here for a list of activities in Kids Zone.  Some include face painting, balloons, and arts and crafts.

Almost every year this event is held, it rains or looks like it will rain.  We have found when the weather acts up like this, Taste of Tribeca is even better because it is not as crowded.  Apparently, this year will be no different, but at least the forecast is scattered showers this year.

Enjoy the event.  Your taste buds will be ever so grateful!


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I've always dreamed of starting my own business one day. My struggle wasn't about how to do it, but instead, what I wanted to do. I realized how much I love baking - it is what I turn to when I am bored or stressed. There are so many things to create and so many ways in which to create them. I look forward to sharing my favorite treats with you.
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