An Innovative Way to Do Good – By and For Women

Recently, I signed up for an organization called Dining for Women and last night was my first experience.  It is an interesting concept for people who want to “do good” but are not sure how.  It also provides a great way to learn about various non-profit organizations and a build new network of friends – both of which are great for expanding your knowledge base and “putting yourself out there.”

Dining for Women (DFW) is a “giving circle with diverse members who share a vision of eradicating world poverty. They share food and friendship, and pool donations to fund international grass-roots programs that empower women and girls.” 

How does it work?  Non-profits are asked to submit an application, after which a committee selects one non-profit per month that the Dining for Women network supports.  Currently, there are over 100 chapters all over North America.  (If there is not a chapter near you, you can start your own.)  Each month, the chapter meets to discuss the “non-profit of the month,” which is required to send a video that each chapter can review.  Also, if the chapter would like to set up a call with that non-profit to ask questions, it can.

What happens at the meeting?  Certainly, each chapter will have its own nuances, but the idea is to get a group of women together, network, watch the video, talk about the non-profit, and munch on the goodies you brought.  At the end of the evening, you donate the money you would have used to pay for your dinner.  (This can also be done via PayPal on the DFW website.)  All the money is collected from each chapter at the end of the month and then given to the selected non-profit.  Amazingly, this organization started in 2003 and has raised nearly $1 million dollars already.  Imagine the possibilities!

What I like about this group is that it is a “no pressure” situation.  If you cannot come each month, come when you can.  If you want to donate, then donate.  If you can’t, then do so next time.  Some donate even if they cannot make the chapter meeting.

Last night, I learned about an organization called Prevention International:  No Cervical Cancer (PINCC).  Apparently, over 600 women die per day from cervical cancer in developing countries.  However, treating it, when caught early is relatively simple.  PINCC goes to these developing countries to educate staff and the local community about cervical cancer and how to detect it.  Given the severe pain many women have watched their fellow friends and family suffer as they die from this dreadful cancer, they are eager to wait in line for seven hours to get checked out.

Take a look at the DFW website, find a chapter near you or create your own and please pass this on to friends who you think may be interested!


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