My Favorite New Recipe and It’s So Easy!

Just before the Super Bowl, I “re-Tweeted” a Huffington Post article about finger-food recipes for those throwing Super Bowl parties.  Since that “Tweet,” I have made one of the recipes at least four times, including when I hosted February’s Second Tuesday, and it has gotten rave reviews.  Since it is so easy and incredibly tasty, I thought I would share.

It is rosemary-thyme pita chips.  You must try these!  Instead of the basic pita and you dribble with olive oil and bake, this recipe gives the pita bread a fantastic salty-sweet flavor.  Must be the honey, butter and salt!  To find out more how make it, click here.

Since I have made this so many times, here are a few suggestions:

  • Use fresh rosemary and thyme.
  • Use 100% whole wheat pita.  You will feel less guilty about the butter! (Note:  When a marketer puts “whole wheat” on the front of the package, it does not necessarily mean you are really getting whole wheat!  Check the back of the package and the first ingredient should be whole wheat flour.)
  • Keep mixing the honey/butter mixture because the honey goes to the bottom of your bowl causing you to have some pita that is more buttery while others are a bit too sweet with honey.  The mix of the two is where the flavor is perfect!
  • If you over-bake it a little, it still tastes great.
Enjoy!  And of course, if you have any favorite recipes to share, please do so in the comments!
Soon, I will share my chocolate molten cake recipe.  It is a piece of cake! (No pun intended.)

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I've always dreamed of starting my own business one day. My struggle wasn't about how to do it, but instead, what I wanted to do. I realized how much I love baking - it is what I turn to when I am bored or stressed. There are so many things to create and so many ways in which to create them. I look forward to sharing my favorite treats with you.
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